Sant Roc


Our origins

Hotel Sant Roc opened its doors on a rainy night in June in 1955. However, the beginning of its story starts two years before, when Joan Boix and his wife Neus acquired a small plot of land on top of a hill in the south of Calella with the intention of building a summer house for their family. The Costa Brava was still an undiscovered treasure and tourists were just starting to arrive. S’Agaró and Aiguablava were the chosen destinations for the first tourists who arrived, the so-called “class tourism”.

Early history

The arrival of tourism

Aside from the hotel, a pier was also constructed, the rocks were flattened in order to place a solarium with sun beds and a staircase with 112 steps was put in place so that the hotel would have access to the beach. All of this was starting to take shape in a wonderful and harmonious setting.

French tourists arrived en masse, the Catalans were starting to do so and a few English pioneers also came, and yet all of them returned the following year after having discovered and fallen in love with this little corner of the Costa Brava. Among those early tourists were notable members of French society and the Catalan bourgeoisie, some of which still visit us today, something which fills us with pride.

The 50s

Luxury and exclusivity

In the 50s, the concept of tourism and staying in a hotel were activities available only to the upper echelons of society, since clients came for stays that went on for up to three months. A lot of them were large families who arrived with their own domestic staff and made the hotel their home for a few months.

The 70s

Unforgettable nights

Joan Boix saw the hotel as a place to rest but also somewhere where leisure and fun were essential. Friday nights at Hotel Sant Roc was one of the most famous nightlife events in the Costa Brava, an area that used to host shows by illustrious performers such as Gitano de Llafranc or Tomás Cervera del Chez Tomás. A stage elevated the orchestra above the guests, piano included, and artists such as Carmen Amaya, La Chunga and José de la Vega performed much to the delight of the open-mouthed tourists.

From the 80s until today

The third generation

In the late 80s, the hotel industry was under a renovation process. Clients booked shorter stays and requested more services, all of which required a change in direction. The hotel strived to carry on offering a service of the highest quality and improved its infrastructure. Today, the third generation is in charge of managing the hotel, a hotel which still has the same service spirit as it did in the times of grandfather Joan. This is a generation which arrives with energy, vigour and hope.