Empordà, changing scenery

The landscape of our territory, l'Empordà, is determined by the passage of the four well-marked seasons.

Now, autumn, gives a contrast of light and color, which makes us stop and contemplate. This time invites you to pause and slow movement, walks by the sea. The coastal paths are now an exclusive pleasure of a few. Get lost in the Gavarres the adventure of the most intrepid mushroom hunters. It is time to get to know the land as it is, without crowds or crowds. But still accompanied by this benevolent climate, a sun that gently caresses and sunsets that ask to come closer to the coast with a sweater hanging at the waist or around the neck.

From the Hotel Sant Roc in Calella de Palafrugell, is where we can start this journey of the senses; The smell of wet earth, mushrooms and chestnuts, the view, observing the best version of the Costa Brava, our gastronomy that allows us to arrive, close our eyes, a maximum pleasure.

Speaking of gastronomy, a lot of autumn proposals come to mind, mushrooms, chestnuts, "panellets", spoon dishes and a long list, our mouths are watering!

In Palafrugell, es Niu is still cooked, an ancestral dish from the seafaring tradition that can be found in our most emblematic restaurants in the campaign that now begins and that ends on the 1st of November long weekend. A local experience, as it can also be, staying at the Hotel Sant Roc, a hotel with more than 70 years of history.

These are some details that have created differences that we admire and discover when traveling. We don't have to go far, we just have to look.

Would you like a stay with us to enjoy this experience in autumn?

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